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About was founded in 2014. provides Nigeria's favourite online radio stations for all radio loving Nigerians around the world. With, we offer Nigeria FM radio online in a very user friendly website with a clear overview for the Nigerian radio listener. We made a mix of popular Nigeria FM radio stations based in Nigeria as well as abroad that offer news, sports, debate, religion and Nigerian music. Unfortunately, not all Nigeria radio stations could be included because, some don't offer internet radio streams, but we made the best mix of Nigeria online radio stations. We hope that your favourite Nigerian Radio stations is also offered a radio stream on this website. If this is not the case, please sent us the radio stream link of the radio station and we will look if we can add this Nigeriaian radio station.

Nigeria Radio fm is aware of it's social responsibility. As a online Nigeriaian radio website, we are willing to support this with investing in Nigerian projects that support the education of Nigerians towards the use of computers, the internet and internet safety.

Nigeria Radio fm hopes you enjoy listening to Nigerian Radio online! We provide Nigerian radio streams to you with a smile. I hope you will also listen with a big smile! We are happy to see that by this website, online Nigeria radio is provided to Nigerians all over the globe.


Do you want to contact No prolem! will be there for you! Please fill in the form below and Nigeria Radio will contact you asap.

Nigeria Radio is a website where the most popular Nigeriaian radio stations are provided within a clear overview. If your favourite Nigeriaian radio station which is streaming online, is shown on our website, just click on it and stream your favourite Nigeriaian music. However, can't you find your favourite Nigeria radio station and you are sure it streams online, let us know! If you have the stream of the radio station, we can update our website and complete it with your favourite Nigeriaian radio station! In this way, we make sure we are offering the most popular Nigeriaian radio stations online. We love to provide a good service to our listeners.

Please contact at or fill in the form below. Many thanks! We hope Nigeria Radio can be of good service to Nigerians listening online Nigeriaian radio all over the globe.

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No Sound at

There can be several reasons why you don´t hear any sound of Nigeria radio.

Not loading Nigeria Radio

One of the main reasons why you don't hear any Nigeriaian radio is that the Nigeria radio station is not streaming anymore. This can occur i.e. when they are not broadcasting any Nigeriaian radio or when their internet server is down. The solution to this problem is to listen to another Nigeria FM radio station or to wait until they are broadcasting Nigeriaian radio again.

Constantly buffering Nigeriaian Radio

If the Nigeriaian radio channel doesn't work, this might be because it is almost constantly buffering Nigeria radio. It might i.e. occur that you hear Nigeriaian music for 10 seconds and then the Nigeriaian radio stops as the player is buffering again. One of the main reasons is that your internet connection is slower than the Nigeriaian radio stream needs. If you upgrade your internet connection, this might be a solution to your problem. Another chance is that their server is down, so that you cannot stream this particular Nigeria radio station or that it takes some time before the Nigeria radio station starts playing.

Other problems with Nigeria FM Radio stations

If you are experiencing other problems at, please let us know!

Please contact us at or fill in this form.

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